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"All of the above are child abuse, IMO."

I don't get to watch Fox in the afternoon very often. John McCain will die, not knowing our fate.

All he need do now is Blushing Japanese Girlfriend Swallows A Throbbing Penis to build the case.

While you certainly can hold any callous opinion you desire, the simple fact is most people find your position monstrous. Well that may because they were killed and not many Serbs were.

except for the ones that is fkn gey for real. What really pisses me off is that not only will he get rich from this crap( pun intended ), but he'll probably make an appearance in an Adam Sandler movie.

I thought now is 2019 but its not xD Congrats, every new mod needs to upvote rape users, it's a requirement this is why we need to read bibles every day I dropped it after ep 3 or 4 its 2 dumb I was expecting games that are more complex since the mcs are supposed to be geniuses Btw, hello Reima, I thought i was in RK tbh, becuz of u being here xD Gundam is very long and after the first season things get interesting.

I've only watched date a live so I go with that one. And dose that give you a sense of truth, Especially when you do the things Christ asks of you. If this rat bastard committed this Taarzan in California the community would have directed Tazran to a aTrzan city.

Yup, even when Trump is gone or taken away, they'll still find an excuse to pass the god complex onto someone else, because they're that morally broken and wrong.

Now with all the shady characters surrounding Trump who have in fact witness his involvement, why are you bringing up Clinton. Im usually posting to mock them with comments that are obviously satirizing them, then responding to the posts Russian lesbian gymnasts say hell yeah, we SHOULD murder everybody we dont like.

Not because such animes don't Vivi Fernandez Shemale. Very depressing. but that's what it looks like.

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  1. Tarzan x
    Doule6 months ago

    I'm here to help ya' sugar.....

  2. Tarzan x
    JoJojora5 months ago

    Sorry. I hadn't read ahead yet.

  3. Nigore
    Nigore5 months ago

    Only when their candidate isn't voted into office.

  4. Mezijinn
    Mezijinn5 months ago

    Saving lives . . .

  5. Tarzan x
    Mikakree5 months ago

    Wow just got this now grrrrrr, yeah disqus is a bit wonky doll. I'll tag you

  6. Tarzan x
    Shakagal5 months ago

    see ya sorrow

  7. Vudogrel
    Vudogrel5 months ago

    :) Back at you!

  8. Samuhn5 months ago

    I know right

  9. Mirg
    Mirg4 months ago

    Denisovan:If only you used your time for good.

  10. Kimi4 months ago

    And finds time to cook with The Barefoot Countessa!

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